The institution Shri Vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha is Purified by the Practices of Late Dr. G. D. Alias Babuji Salunkhe. Incited with the idea of service and sacrifice he has opened new departments in the field of education from time to time.

Till today this institution has established 376 educational centres and has attempted to its best level to educate and refine the society.

The founder and inspirer of institution, late Shikshan Maharshi Dr. Bapuji Salunkhe had struggled throughout his life, to establish educational institutions in Maharashtra & also in some part of Karnataka. This workmanship and progress of the Institution itself is the proof.

By establishing educational centres (Schools & Colleges) agricultural institutions, technical institutes, boarding schools & hostels set by the institutions, made the path of life easier for those who were deprived of educational and social support.

Dear Parents,

   Your child is the most important person in our school.

   Together we will work for the development of your child, our student. Our Biggest challenge is to ensure that our students are educated holistically.

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