Admissions open for the Academic Year 2021-22 for Pre- Primary STATE / CBSE

Vision and Mission

To bring about a progressive change in the society by means of education.

To inculcate the values of honesty, truth, services and sacrifice and to stop social exploitation.

To bring about, by means of secondary and higher education, progress in various fields like arts, science, sociology and agriculture.

To bring into existence, selfless social workers who will strive ceaselessly for this cause.

To imbibe the capacity of independent thoughts and pronunciation.

To strengthen the capacity of independent thought, decision and progress.

No Discrimination whatsoever will be made any of the institutions run by this society.

The society will always remain away from politics.

This society will try to uphold and protect simplicity and Practicality in every walk of life.

The accounts of the society will be open to anyone who desires to see them.

New educational systems will be formed on the basis of ideal life of great educationist.